How to: YUI Compressor in Squeezer

Have you wondered what these YUI Compressor settings are in Squeezer? Let me explain them...


Some source control tools don't like files containing lines longer than, say 8000 characters. The linebreak option is used in that case to split long lines after a specific column. It can also be used to make the code more readable, easier to debug (especially with the MS Script Debugger).

Specify 0 to get a line break after each semi-colon in JavaScript, and after each rule in CSS.


Minify only, do not obfuscate local symbols.


Display informational messages and warnings.

Preserve all semi colons

Preserve unnecessary semicolons (such as right before a '}'). This option is useful when compressed code has to be run through JSLint (which is the case of YUI for example).

Disable optimizations

Disable all the built-in micro optimizations.


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